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Friends Bring Special Spirit

We had a great end of year wrap-up with the Friends Christmas party on 4 December. The Art Gallery took on a festive look with some wonderful Christmas theming by resident interior decorators Leila Wagner and Belinda Cotton. I hadn’t seen the Central Gallery 2 look so good.

Coupled with the live entertainment, Christmas shopping, excellent food, wine and company many of our guests just enjoyed being there. It was a lovely opportunity for staff, volunteers and our Friends to gather informally and look back on a successful year with satisfaction. I loved the photo montage that reminded us of the years many highlights. I know I tend to go over the top, but it was the best Christmas party ever!

There is a special spirit amongst our Friends which makes working here such a pleasure. We greatly value your involvement in so many ways. I hope you too enjoy being part of the QVMAG family. Without people our Museum and Art Gallery would be empty and you by being our Friends help us bring activity and life to these spaces.

We had a really good 2014 with a busy schedule of exhibitions, public programs and special events. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of many of our Friends and volunteers. I would particularly like to acknowledge the hard work of the Friends committee now Chaired by Jill Dearing and the QVMAG support staff in Belinda Cotton and Katrina Ross.

We have a big 2015 ahead of us as we build on the momentum of last year. A key challenge for us is to build on our membership. While we have many who support us we should have many more. We have the world’s best Museum and Gallery in Launceston. We just need more people to think so. Please talk to your friends and tell them how much you enjoy being part of us.

You are our ambassadors and you are best placed to champion to your friends just how good the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery really is.

Best wishes
Richard Mulvaney, Director

QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 2014
QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201
QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201

QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201

QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201

QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201
QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201

QVMAG Friends Xmas Party 201

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