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Welcome to Our New Blog

I am really pleased that we are able to now include a blog page as part of our growing social media output. It is funny how words come into common use that once would have seemed absurd. I am not sure who came up with blog but as the use of social media stretches the boundary of good grammar such as the almost completely indecipherable new text language, blog somehow seems to have quickly become part of the accepted expanding lexicon.

I decided I had better look up the Australia-Oxford Dictionary for a definition just in case I didn’t know what a blog was. It is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. That is the noun, the verb seems almost more fun, blogs, blogging and blogged!

QVMAG will now create and maintain a blog page and regularly post articles. Our blog posts will provide information on our collection, research, public programs and other services. QVMAG staff will provide many of the posts assisted by our Honorary Research Associates and other specialists.

I am constantly surprised by the amount of work that happens across QVMAG. I shouldn’t be as I know my staff work hard. It is more the diversity of what they do and how fascinating their work seems. I am lucky as I come across some of it by simply being here but for many others what happens here remains a mystery. That is where our blog page will really come into its own. Under our three primary disciplines of science, history and visual arts there is so much happening.

The blogs offer us the opportunity to tell you more about what we do, what are some of our interesting research findings or what are we thinking. In the past this information would largely stay within the organisation, often within the staff member. But now we have the chance to share what we are doing in an informal way. As with the definition it enables us to have a conversation with people who are interested in us. Hopefully through our blog posts we will reach out to even more people. After all social media is simply that ‘social’. It is about opening a dialogue. We want to build an understanding of what QVMAG is and talk about the important work we do within the community.

I hope you enjoy finding out more about QVMAG and the many fascinating things that occur around us. Visitors to the blog can sign up for email notifications of new posts any time and we are always interested in getting your feedback.

Well I am now blogged!

Richard Mulvaney, Director