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What goes up must come down

The de-installation of exhibitions often goes unnoticed as audiences focus on the installation and opening of displays. The process is as time-consuming as the installation and is just as important.

The popular Contemporary Art Tasmania touring exhibition ‘Made in China Australia’ is being de-installed today at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park. It is an example of the efficient team work from the Exhibitions and Conservation Department.


Before a travelling exhibition can be packed, the condition of artworks and objects are vigilantly checked by Conservators to make sure that no damage has occurred during the time of display. Following this, Gallery Officers carefully package items in crates for collection and transport. Other members of the team often assist in tasks such as removing graphics from the gallery walls.

After an exhibition is de-installed the gallery is prepared for the next exciting display. Once again, an exhibition goes up and then comes down.

Amy Bartlett, Senior Conservator


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