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Starry Night: The last hours of Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night is a powerful and moving one-man Play about the death (and life) of the great artist, interspersed with images of his masterpieces. The Play made its debut at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne last July, picking up Time Out magazine’s Critics’ Choice.


When asked what inspired him to bring Vincent’s death (and life) to the stage, Director of Starry Night, Stephen Beckett, says: ‘I wanted to remind every struggling artist out there, including myself, that failure is an acceptable destiny. Vincent was spat on, laughed at, isolated, depressed, anxious, and rejected. Art dealers told him he had no talent. Only one of his paintings sold during his lifetime – one painting. And yet he kept painting right up until his suicide at age 37.’

What can audiences expect from this Play? ‘Hopefully some insight into the troubled existence of a genius – a very human one, at the time of his death,’ says Beckett. ‘I studied every single letter Vincent wrote, and with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam granting permission to quote from them, I was able to let Vincent speak in his own words. To be able to stage the Play in an Art Gallery for the first time is also significant, and we are very grateful to QVMAG for allowing us to do so.’

Stephen Beckett, Director

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