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Real World Experience in The Innovation Circle @ The Battery Shed

l to r: Troy Merritt (Bitlink), Liam Mayes, Winston Stuart

l to r: Troy Merritt (Bitlink), Liam Mayes, Winston Stuart

It’s a space unlike any other. It’s where ideas matter, creativity, problem solving and a passion for technology and gizmos!  Age, education, clothes (although ironic t-shirts tend to dominate), social standing, gender or cultural background are not barriers to being part of The Battery Shed community.

In the second term of 2015 the Innovation Circle trialled a “gifted student” program where school students who demonstrated advanced skills in technology subjects.Enter Launceston Church Grammar School’s Gifted Extension Teacher, Dr Nicholas Clements, who saw potential in The Innovation Circle to accelerate and provide “real world” experience and knowledge for two of his students, Winston Stuart and Liam Mayes.

With the mentorship of Bitlink’s James Riggall and Troy Merritt, Definium Technologies’ Mike Cruse and QVMAG staffers – Mark Gordon, Coordinator of Museum Information Services Management, Winston and Liam embarked on a term-long project that challenged and inspired them technically but also, opened their awareness to career possibilities in the technologist realm.

QVMAG is committed to developing unique and relevant life-long learning opportunities and with partnerships such as that with Bitlink, Definium Technologies and schools like Launceston Church Grammar School meaningful outcomes can be achieved.

In their own words:

I didn’t expect much before I arrived at The Innovation Circle for the first time, but when I finally got there, I was pleasantly surprised. I took away some really useful skills and knowledge in the Python coding language over the 4-5 Times we went. I would happily recommend this to someone, and if I was given the opportunity I would definitely go again. Winston Stuart

I felt as though the Innovation Circle gave me the time I needed to make each detail on my project a little bit better, and I learned quite a few nifty things in my time there.The environment was friendly and I enjoyed every second of the company. Liam Mayes

It was great to have Liam and Winston visit us and we’re really pleased that they had a good time. This kind of forward thinking program that provides an alternative learning environment, access to mentors and a look at what it’s like working in the tech industry (the guys toured the Definium office/lab as well during their visit) is unique and augers well for both the museum and technology sector. James Riggall, Bitlink

For further information about  Innovation Circle:

Website: Twitter: @batteryshed Instagram: @batteryshed  Facebook: /innovationcircle

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